Anti-Gravity Treadmill

What is it?

The AlterG® is the first FDA cleared therapeutic device that allows for precise partial weight-bearing exercise.  Developed using NASA technology for exercise programs in training astronauts, AlterG® uses differential air pressure chambers to precisely lift the user from 100% to as little as 20% of the user’s calibrated body weight.  Reduction in body weight can occur in 1% increments allowing for a gradual progression into full weight-bearing activities.

For Rehabilitation

  • Pre- and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Continue training while healing by gradually progressing to full weight bearing
  • Neurologic and Proprioceptive Training
  • Safely build bone density and restore range of motion for improved functional capacity
  • Prosthetic Training for improved balance
  • Weight Control Programs
  • Sport Specific Conditioning
  • Promotes Cardiovascular health in a safe environment
  • Makes running possible for those not previously able to do so
  • Minimizes Joint Stress and Pain

For Sports Performance

  • Improved aerobic conditioning while reducing ground reaction forces
  • Safer adaptation to increased mileage (eg. marathon training) and transitioning to minimalist running
  • Overspeed training (run faster longer) and hill intervals (0-15% incline)
  • Interval Training in a controlled setting

Try an AlterG® Today!

Experience the AlterG® difference for yourself and see why over 20 NCAA teams, over 20 professional sports teams and over 60 top performance enhancement centers, medical facilities and government facilities are using the Anti-Gravity Treadmill® in their training and rehabilitation programs.

The Alter-G is available for use at a number of different time and rental plan options.  For a complete breakdown of our pricing, including monthly memberships, 5-visit punch cards, 10-visit punch cards, and per minute punch cards, please call our office at 303-442-0355 or email Dr. Hansen at .  Additionally, Alter-G use may be covered under your insurance policy as part of your rehabilitation plan.  If you would like to use your insurance for use on the unit, please inquire and we will check whether coverage applies.

High Altitude Spine and Sport is the first clinic to have an Alter-G Antigravity Treadmill in the Boulder and Denver Metro areas that is open to the public. Call for your FREE 10 minute trial and experience how it feels to defy gravity.


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