Sponsored Clubs

High Altitude Spine and Sport is proud to support

the following local clubs and organizations:


  • Designed by 5-time world triathlon champion, Simon Lessing, and his coaching partner, world renowned running coach, Darren De Reuck, these easy to follow programs are suited for all ability groups

Boulder Sports Performance training is for those serious individuals seeking to enhance sports performance (i.e., speed, power, agility, muscular endurance, lateral movement and core strength) through a variety of plyometric, strength, cardiovascular and isometric exercises.




The Boulder Striders group training program helps runners of all abilities and experience levels achieve the results they seek.

  • The BTC is proud to be a Triathlon Club for members of all ability levels. We offer social events, swim, bike and run training, clinics and the chance to enjoy our sport with others in one of the Meccas of endurance sports. Join us and get involved!

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