Frequently Asked Question

1) What Can I Expect on My First Visit?

—–Each initial visit consists of a consultation and thorough examination to determine the cause and reason for the patient’s chief complaint. Once a cause has been established, we will explain the reason for the injury and lay out a timeline/management plan based upon . Then if the patient understands and agrees to the proposed management, initial treatment will take place consisting of A.R.T., Graston, Kinesiotaping, possibly a chiropractic adjustment (depending on the nature and severity of the condition), rehabilitation exercises and/or activity modification instructions.

2) Will imaging be taken on my first visit?

—–This will depend on the mechanism of injury, severity of the condition and the findings from the initial examination. We do not have an imaging facility in our office. If we feel that diagnostic imaging should be taken, we will refer you to a facility convenient for you

3) What should I bring to my first visit?

—–Initial new patient paperwork is available online, please have these filled out before you arrive in the office. Please show up at least 5 min prior to your appointment in case additional paperwork is needed. If you have had previous imaging/lab tests (MRI, Xray, CT scan, Blood Tests, Urinalysis, etc.) done, please bring a copy of the report/results with you. Also, please wear comfortable loose fitting clothing, such as athletic shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, and sports bras (for women)

4) How long will my visit take?

—–First visits typically take between 45min and 1 hr. This allows for all paperwork, examination, and treatment to take place. Follow-up visits typically take between 15-30 min., which will include a brief re-exam, treatment, and further rehab instructions

5) Will my insurance cover my appointment?

—–That will depend on the type of coverage you have and whether or not you have a deductible and if that deductible has been met. It is therefore important to bring in your insurance card during your initial visit so that we can verify your coverage. Currently, High Altitude Spine and Sport operates as an out-of-network provider for most insurance carriers. The reason for this is simple. Insurance Companies are allowed to adjust their reimbursement fees for in-network providers causing the doctor to accept less than their assigned rates. This then does not allow the doctor to get properly reimbursed for services provided in addition to the traditional chiropractic care. By being an out-of-network provider, we are able to give the patients the care and treatment we feel will give them the most healing benefit, as well as being able to spend more time working with each patient’s individual needs.  If your insurance plan will cover treatment at our clinic, we will submit claims on your behalf.  Verification of coverage is not a guarantee of payment and is therefore the patient’s responsibility to cover any costs not covered by their insurance carrier.

Here is a List of Current Insurance Carriers

6) So what are my options and how do I know what my insurance will cover?

—–When treatment is not covered under a patient’s insurance plan, the patient is expected to submit payment at the time of their appointment. We will then provide appropriate documentation to the patient that can be submitted to their insurance carrier for application towards their deductible. If the insurance plan has out-of-network coverage, patient’s are responsible for the cost of their initial visit until coverage is verified with insurance reimbursement. Once verified, we will send a full refund to the patient for their initial visit, if the patient’s responsibility is zero. Otherwise, it will be credited toward your account to cover remaining balances following insurance reimbursement.
7) With out-of-network coverage it is important to remember:

—–Most out-of-network coverage’s carry an annual deductible. This means that until that annual deductible amount has been met, your insurance will not cover any services with any out-of-network health care provider.

—–Once your deductible has been met, many plans vary on the amount that will be paid for by the insurance company once the deductible is met. For example, once your deductible is met, if your plan states that 80% of eligible expenses will be paid, then the remaining 20% is the patient’s responsibility.

—–If your insurance card has a co-payment amount listed, that does not apply to out-of-network providers.

—–If calling to verify your out-of network coverage with your insurance company, remember to ask the following questions:

  • What is the effective date of my plan?
  • How much is my annual deductible and how much of that has been met?
  • What is my out-of-network chiropractic coverage?
  • What is my annual out-of-pocket maximum?
  • How many dates of service am I allowed per year and how many have been used?
  • Is there a maximum to the number of services I am allowed per day?

For any additional questions or for further clarification regarding insurance coverage, please contact our office at 303-829-1040.