What is Kinesiotaping?

Kinesiotaping is a functional taping procedure using a specialized type of elastic athletic tape designed to re-educate the nervous system while promoting tissue healing, decreasing inflammation, and reducing pain.

How does it work?

This athletic taping procedure works by creating tension along the skin’s surface to create a “tenting” effect allowing for increased circulation of fluid underneath, as well as additional space for compressed and damaged tissue.  Additionally, the applied tape stimulates the body’s somatosensory response increasing the efficiency of nervous system firing to the associated soft tissue.  The taping procedure is non-restrictive allowing for normal freedom of motion.

How long does the tape last? 

Typically, a normal tape application will last between 3-5 days.  The tape is water proof and can be worn in the shower or during pool workouts.  For best results, the skin should free of lotions, sweat, or oils and the tape should be allowed applied a few hours prior to contact with water to allow the adhesive to set.

What proprioceptive tape does our clinic use?

We understand that there are a number of different brands of kinesio tape, each with it’s own usefulness and purpose.  Some of these brands include Kinesio Tex, KT Tape, Rocktape, and Spider Tech.  Dr. Hansen is a certified Kinesiotaping Practictioner (CKTP).   We have used each of the above brands and prefer the use of Rocktape brand tape in our clinic for kinesio tape applications.

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