Boulder Running Clinics – August 3rd

Boulder Running Clinics

On August 3rd, 2013, Boulder Running Clinics will be hosting their inaugural running clinic on the campus of University of Colorado – Boulder.  This summer’s clinic will be geared toward high school coaches with future clinics geared toward marathon running, nutrition, bio-mechanics, etc.  I am excited to be a part of this first clinic and will be given the opportunity to lecture on two important topics

  • The Science of Training the “Core” with Practical Applications for Distance Running

During this lecture, I will try to present what the current research states and how to safely and effectively implement routines into your training.

  • Endurance Training with an Injury Prevention Mindset

In this second lecture, I will be presenting on common running injuries and aspects to focus on when structuring ancillary strength routines during workouts in an effort to minimize injury risk.

Also lecturing at this clinic is Coach Jay Johnson and Dr. Jeff Messer, whose topics include: periodization, program design, the science behind endurance training, and implementing training philosophies of elite coaches.  It will be exciting to work with these outstanding coaches and hear them speak.

The cost of this clinic is only $100 with those signing up before July 15th receiving a pair of Nike shoes.  Please check out Boulder Running Clinics for more information and registration assistance.

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