The Alter-G: Re-inventing Training and Rehabilitation

Recently, we added the Alter-G treadmill to our clinic, the first of its kind that is open to the public in the Boulder/Denver metro area.  The decision to add this piece of equipment was a relatively easy one to make.  By incorporating differential air pressure technology to decrease the amount of weight on the lower extremities, the Alter-G allows patients to safely return to full weight-bearing running and walking quicker during the rehab process while reducing the amount of impact on the body.  Already used by many professional/collegiate sport programs and Olympic-level athletes, the Alter-G has quickly become a valuable training tool to safely progress running volumes and intensities allowing athletes to train harder and recover faster.  Whether recovering from a stress fracture, rehabbing after surgery, improving your neurological efficiency, training for a marathon, or transitioning to minimalist running, the Alter-G is fast becoming an essential part of modern endurance and rehabilitation training.  These units have recently been featured in many news publications including: Triathlete Magazine, Running Times, Runner’s World, Competitor Magazine, New York Times,, Denver Post, CBS New York, NBC New York, and  The ability to train safely, rehab quickly, and recover faster utilizing this unit is a nice luxury to have, especially with the winter weather fast approaching.  To inquire about testing out the Alter-G for free at our clinic or for additional questions, call us at 303-442-0355 or email Dr. Hansen at

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