Sports Chiropractic Approach

High Altitude Spine & Sport uses an athletic mindset when approaching our patients’ needs and goals for treatment. Our focus is to get you healthy as quickly as possible while addressing the biomechanical imbalances that led to the initial injury in an effort to prevent reoccurrence. Many athletes experience injuries that easily could have been avoided while others aren’t able to continue playing because their injuries don’t respond to traditional healthcare. Then there are those that aren’t necessarily injured, but whose bodies are functioning inefficiently preventing them from getting the most out of their ability. At High Altitude Spine & Sport, our Sports Chiropractic approach provides you with the tools you need to help you perform at your best. We use a variety of techniques to address the body’s overall function so that each of the body’s systems can interact efficiently to provide an optimal environment for injury healing, tissue recovery, and optimal performance. During our exam, we not only look at the area of complaint, but we will address any biomechanical imbalances that may be contributing to the injury to help decrease the risk of further injury. We don’t treat just the symptoms, we look for and treat the source of the problem. Each patient is treated as an individual and their injury management is tailored specifically for their body’s needs. Although we take an athletic approach to treatment, this does not mean we only cater to athletes. We use that mindset create a dynamic environment for each patient’s condition. Whether you injury is result of motor vehicle accident, a work-related problem, or any other activity, we focus our attention on helping your body take back its health. Stop living with pain, let High Altitude Spine & Sport be your guide to optimal health and wellness. Call Us today at 303-829-1040 to make an appointment.

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